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Better Gratuity With A Smile...Than To Shy All Day Without A Dime
TIPS 10%-15%-25%
Gratuities 10% to 25% are based on per Product or Services Common Value
Star Bucks Dr Mn-20%/$.50
City Info Guides-15%/$3
Free City Direction30%/$2
Messengers 20%/$10
Carpet Layers-15%/$50
City Shopper10%/$25
Free Delivery-15%/$3
Party Shoppers-30%/$50
Driver Assistant 20%/$12
Broker Assistant 20%/$12 we will wok for Tips
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Call or Text the Tipline: 1- (513) 258-2402
Request a TipStar:1-(212) 537-4039
 Are You Talented, Educated but Bored from doing nothing?...Then Stop Wasting Time...Call the Tips Hotline Toll Free..1-888-573-3339 ext.#7

Our Membership Employee ID Cards cannot be duplicated.

Instantly, Once I had my Authentic TipsOnly work ID my % prospects advance to 25% and 30%...Brian Madison, New Yorker moved from Ohio. You would not believe how interesting my regular customers looked and even Tip me extra...while bartending at my regular Soho Gig...Adriana Simons, Wall Street resident/NYU-student
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We provide staffing services for Gratuity & TipsOnly. FREE 24/7 Tip-Line for Employers in need of emergency staff.
Whenever you're in need of an extra hand or short-term helper.


Our ServicesWhether you're a business owner or you're simply in need of some help, an extra hand around the office, shopping, office computer network management, assistant or helper, handy receptionist or mail room support, simply ask for help and one of us will be happy to assist you.

Call or Text us 1-513-258-2402......Call or Text us 1-513-258-2402Because You Could Use a Little Help!

How It Works: Free! No Fee! provides experience, honest, well educated help for Tips and Gratuity Only.  Save the cost on hiring from a Temp-Agency for workers you have to train anyway. Maintain a true existence of gratitude by calling in a qualified person who will work for Tips and Gratuity Only. We've been in the business since 2007.
Tip Hotline: 212-537-4039 ext.7
How You Benefit:
Each day brings added value and opportunities to increase business in current as well as new markets. To capture that market share you have to get the right kind of attention at the least cost possible. You can count on a name that is trustworthy -- have that good record of courtesy trust, and dependability. 

We Listen more than we here at Foster's "The Company" NetworkWe listen more than we hear, we act quicker than we've heard so we can effectively respond to your every need. We are humble providers of Gratuity Services that translates those needs into solutions that work, look great and communicate your image well...
Without the cost!


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